Wednesday, 4 April 2012



Chingaza National Park near Bogota
Nevado del Ruiz
Running along the entire western coast of South America the Andes mountains split into three distinct ranges in Colombia: the Cordillera Oriental, Central and Occidental, and it is this region that concentrates the largest part of the country's population. Their valleys are also where the largest cities of Colombia - Bogotá and Medellín are located. One of the must-sees is the area known as eje cafetero (Coffee-Growers axis) along with the town of Salento and the now-famous Cocora Valley where the highest wax palm trees in the world grow at the foothills of the Los Nevados National Park. Trekkers also should not miss the opportunity to visit one of the best “hidden gems” of Colombia - the massif of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in Cordillera Oriental with trails surrounded by spectacular, reaching more than 5000 meters above sea level peaks, páramo and crystal clear glacial lakes.

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