Wednesday, 4 April 2012



The western part of Colombia is characterized by pristine, deserted beaches, pure nature and a tropical climate with some of the world's highest rainfall (world record belongs to the town of Lloró). This region, also known as El Chocó, extends along the Pacific coast and is one of the world's most important centers of biodiversity. El Chocó is also inhabited by the largest population of Afro Colombians in the country - as much as 90% of the local inhabitants are the descendants of African slaves. In addition to clean, secluded beaches, the biggest attraction of this region are the humpback whales, which, every year between July and October, visit the Pacific coast to breed and raise their offspring. Apart from the largest city of the region - Buenaventura, the only way to get to the most attractive places in the region such as Nuquí, and Bahía Solano is by plane or boat.

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