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There is a total of 8 campsites in Tayrona National Park. All of them rent hammocks, some have cabañas (huts), others rent tents (with mattresses and blankets). Anything else you might find on the internet that claims to be in Tayrona is located OUTSIDE the park.

Note: all prices here are for low season; they will be higher during high season (e.g. Easter, June-August,  December-January)


Cabañas in Playa Cañaveral
Ecohabs (Aviatur)
Camping, cabañas, restaurant, spa
camping $11,500pp
Ecohab from $552,000 (with breakfast, accommodates 4)


Camping Yuluka
Camping Yuluka (Aviatur)
Aviatur’s camping ground, cabañas and a restaurant located right at the entrance of the Arrecifes sector. The most expensive option (not significantly though). Very good (and pricey) food in their restaurant. Showers, lockers.
camping $11,500pp
tent with mattress $20.000pp
hammock $20,000
cabaña from $367,000 (with breakfast, accommodates 5)
To book and/or to check the prices visit their website

Camping Paraiso
Camping Paraiso
Right next to Yuluka. Camping, hammocks, cabañas, showers, shop and a decently priced restaurant. Owned by an old grumpy man named Martin. Place a bit dirty and has a money-grubbing feel.
camping $10,000pp
tent with mattress $50,000 (accommodates 2)
hammock $12,000 - 13,000
cabaña with private bathroom $130,000 (accommodates 2)

Camping “between Paraiso and Bukaru”
Camping “between Paraiso and Bukaru”
No idea what it’s called (or whether it has a name at all). Located right next to Paraiso. Camping and hammocks with a sea view. “Hippies’ hangout”. A bit dirty but cheaper than most other places, some interesting characters stay there. Has a shop, restaurant and showers.

Finca Don Pedro
Finca Don Pedro
In my opinion the best place to stay in Arrecifes. The only downside is that it is a 5-minute walk from the beach (walk through the campsite “between Paraiso and Bukaru” and follow a path through the forest and next to banana plantation. On the plus side: clean, less mosquitoes, good restaurant, bakery, very nice owners.
camping $10,000pp
tent with mattress $15,000pp
hammock $?


Camping Bukaru
Camping Bukaru
Right next to “between Paraiso and Bukaru”. Nice, clean, friendly. Has showers, shop, restaurant, and luggage storage. Next to it there is a bakery.
camping $10,000pp
hammock $12,000
cabaña $120,000


This is where most tourists head. It is the only beach (right by the campsite) where swimming is allowed. Personally, I would avoid staying there (though it’s definitely worth visiting). Arrecifes has several accommodation options and even though you can’t swim on Playa Arrecifes, only a short walk from there, there are a couple of beaches where you can (Playa La Arenilla and Playa La Piscina).
Cabo San Juan del Guía has only one campsite, often crowded and their restaurant serves lousy food.

The beach in Cabo San Juan del Guía
Camping Cabo San Juan del Guía
Shop, restaurant, showers, lockers.
camping $15,000pp
tent with mattress $25,000pp
hammock (in the hammock hut) $25,000
hammock (at the campsite) $20,000
with your own hammock $15,000
cabaña $50,000pp


There is another camping ground in the eastern part of Tayrona. Not many people stay there though as it doesn’t have a beach where you can swim. To get there turn right after about 1km from El Zaino entrance (it is marked by a sign)

Camping Castilletes
camping $12,000pp
tent $30,000
room $30,000 ($40,000 with en suite bathroom)

See their website for more info

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Anonymous said...

Very usefull info ! Do you think I need a reservation for Don Pedro in mid august ? Do you have any contact mail or phone number ? Thanks a lot !

Marcin Gwizdon said...

Glad you found the info useful. I don't think you'll need a reservation but here's the number and an email:
+57 315 320 8001
+57 317 253 3021

Anonymous said...

Do you have a phone number or mail adress to contact Camping Paraiso please ?
Thnks very much and brgds

Marcin Gwizdon said...

Sorry, but I have no contact details for Camping Paraiso....

Unknown said...

Very informative read, thanks for sharing! Does one usually have to reserve prior or can you just show up on the day? I'm looking to spend a couple of nights in March. Thanks in advance!

Marcin Gwizdon said...

No need to book - you'll definitely find something when you get there (unless you're looking into staying in one of the fancy cabanas - then you might have to book)

Anonymous said...

Perfect, thanks for getting back to me!

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